Hydropower Generation

If the reservoir does not generate hydropower, simply leave this entire section blank.

Hydropower will only be generated for flows up to the Maximum Turbine Flow.  Note: you must enter a non-zero value for maximum turbine flow in order to generate hydropower.  Tailwater Elevation is used to calculate the working water head on the turbine. The power generated in a given month depends on the head available, which is computed as the drop from the reservoir elevation (as computed by WEAP, using the Volume Elevation Curve and the storage volume at the beginning of the month) to the tailwater elevation. The Plant Factor specifies the percentage of each month that the plant is running. The plant Generating Efficiency defines the generator's overall operation effectiveness in converting the energy of the falling water into electricity.

Optionally, to accommodate situations in which you want to prioritize reservoir releases to generate hydropower, there are two methods for specifying hydropower energy demands in WEAP: as individual energy demands for each reservoir or run of river hydropower, or as an aggregate energy demand at the system level.  You can choose either method, or even use both at the same time.  See Supply and Resources\System Hydropower Demand for more information about system-level aggregate energy demands.

If you specify a non-zero Hydropower Priority and Energy Demand, WEAP will convert the energy demand into an equivalent volume of water that must be released from the reservoir that month to satisfy that demand.  (Because hydropower generation is a function of the distance the water falls, this required volume will vary as the reservoir elevation varies each month.)  Depending on the hydropower priority, this release requirement will be satisfied either before, after or at the same time as other demands for water on the river.  If the hydropower priority is zero, WEAP will not release water solely to generate hydropower.  You may change the priority over time or from one scenario to another.

Note: Water drawn from river reservoirs directly via transmission links does not pass through the turbines nor generate electricity. If you want to generate hydropower, attach the transmission link to the river immediately below the reservoir.  It is the opposite for "local" reservoirs (not on a river)--flows through transmission links from a local reservoir do pass through hydropower turbines and do generate hydropower.

See Hydropower Calculations for calculation algorithms.

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