Reservoir Volume-Elevation Curve

In order to calculate the amount of evaporation and/or the amount of energy production from hydropower, WEAP must have a function to convert between volume and elevation. This function is defined by the points on the Volume-Elevation Curve. Values between the points are interpolated. You must enter at least one point, corresponding to the total storage capacity of the reservoir. If you choose to model the reservoir as a box with straight sides, you do not need to enter any other points.

Click on Add () to add a new point. After you have at least one point (other than 0, 0), you can create or move points by clicking on the graph.

Click on Excel to export the list of volume-elevation data points to Excel.

Tip: You can copy a two-column or two-row array of Volume-Elevation points from Excel and paste into the Volume-Elevation table in WEAP.  Optionally, you can apply conversion factors to the volume or elevation data.  When you do this paste, all existing data in the V-E table in WEAP will be erased, and replaced with the pasted data.

Entered on: Data View, Branch: Supply and Resources \ Local or River \ Reservoir, Category: Physical, Tab: Volume Elevation Curve (Current Accounts only)