System Hydropower Demand

To accommodate situations in which you want to prioritize reservoir releases to generate hydropower, there are two methods for specifying hydropower energy demands in WEAP: as individual energy demands for each reservoir, or as an aggregate energy demand at the system level.  You can choose either method, or even use both at the same time, even setting different priorities for the system demand and the individual demands.  See Reservoir Hydropower for more information about individual reservoir hydropower demands.

If you specify a non-zero System Hydropower Priority and System Hydropower Energy Demand, WEAP will attempt to release water from Selected Reservoirs in order to meet that demand.  Depending on the priority, this release requirement will be satisfied either before, after or at the same time as other demands for water on the river.  You may change the priority over time or from one scenario to another.  See Demand Priority, Supply Preferences and Allocation Order for more information.

See Hydropower Calculations for calculation algorithms.

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