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Subject: Organic Water Solutions   
Posted: 5/21/2005 Viewed: 37080 times
Organic Water Solutions Marius Gaybba sawatergeni <a href="mailto:sawatergeni@yahoo.com">sawatergeni@yahoo.com</a>UilenKraal Feed Farm:

Dam Capacity: 2 X 10 Million Liters

Purpose: Dung Ponds

Location: Darling

Analysis: Animal Effluent Water.

Treatment: 25 Liters of Shock Treatment.

Now for the latest in Our Agricultural Projects.

We made History Last Week when We were assisting Farmers in and around Riebeeck Kasteel area.This is a revolutionary breakthrough.

Uilenkraal Stock Farm has two Dung Ponds. These dung ponds are used for Water that get used to wash the feeding area with every hour.This is a standing regulation as this is a Milk Farm.

As per the Farmer and I quote “ We are now able to use our Water for for Agricultural plantations. The water is clean and there are no bad odors “.

As per attached photos You can immediate see the activity when treatment make contact with the dung pond. Immediate oxidation took place.
Within a week the contents of the pond was suitable as a fertilizer for irrigation.

Uilenkraal farm is now installing an automatic dosing system so that the treatment can be applied automatically,.

The Water contents of ponds are now environmental friendly and there will be no more underground water pollution.

This is a big positive for the agriculture sector.

Topic "Organic Water Solutions"