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Environmental News
Did the ancient Maya have parks?
Researchers developed a novel system to analyze ancient plant DNA in the sediment of Tikal's temple and palace reservoir...

Salt marsh plants may signal carbon capture capacity
Coastal wetlands like seagrass meadows, mangroves, and salt marshes play vital roles along the shoreline, from providing...

Producing hydrogen using less energy
The way in which a compound inspired by nature produces hydrogen has now been described in detail. These findings are th...
Source: Science Daily
Interested in Energy?
Read about LEAP: SEI's software for energy planning.

Link WEAP and LEAP for combined Water-Energy planning.
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Sample Screens

Schematic: GIS tools for configuring your system. Drag and drop to create and position. Add ArcGIS or other standard GIS vector or raster files as background layers. Instant access to data and results for any node.
Schematic View

Data: Model building: create variables and relationships, enter assumptions and projections using mathematical expressions, dynamically link to Excel.
Data View

Results: Detailed and flexible display of all model outputs, in charts and tables and on the Schematic.
Results View

Results: Display results on the map
Results on the map

Scenario Explorer: Highlight key assumptions and indicators in your system and explore how changes in one can affect the other.
Scenario Explorer View

Notes: Document your data and assumptions.
Notes View

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