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All Topics | Topic "Failure to solve error Solver: XA 16.80"
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Author Message
Mr. Alberto de Tomás Calero

Subject: Failure to solve error Solver: XA 16.80   
Posted: 8/10/2023 Viewed: 1932 times
Hello, we are having numerous errors such as the one that follows:

Reference January 2002 ERROR: Failure to solve in January, 2002. Results not available for this month and may not be accurate in later months. (Error Code = 2, ErrorNumber = 0, Error Message = "Failed while solving allocation order 0 (last=3), iteration 1, total iterations for this month 0 (Scenario: Reference)") Solver: XA 16.80

They come from a complex model we´re building. In some scenarios, results are not significantly affected by these kind of errors, however there are others where results are considerably affected.

Any help on this issue?

Thank you

Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Failure to solve error Solver: XA 16.80   
Posted: 9/6/2023 Viewed: 1619 times
Dear Alberto,
In cases where the XA solver fails, you can try using the built-in LPSolve. You can select this under General/Solver.
As you noticed, if the model failed to solve in a particular month, you shouldn't rely on the results after that month.
If you have a version of your model from before the failure, you could compare to see what you changed that might have led to the failure. (Use Export Expressions in the Edit menu in the Data View.)

Topic "Failure to solve error Solver: XA 16.80"