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All Topics | Topic "Manage the Agriculture demand site"
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Author Message
Dr. Hanan Farag

Subject: Manage the Agriculture demand site   
Posted: 10/28/2016 Viewed: 13109 times
I need to know how can I link the Demands of command area served by the river (main branch canal)
Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Manage the Agriculture demand site   
Posted: 10/31/2016 Viewed: 13042 times
Dear Hanan,

Are you asking about linking the supply to the demand? In this case you can use a transmission link. Just make sure that when you build it, you start from the source (the river or canal) and end at the destination (the demand site).

Dr. Hanan Farag

Subject: Re: Manage the Agriculture demand site   
Posted: 12/28/2016 Viewed: 12717 times
Dear Stephanie

I have a problem in WEAP calculation for the agriculture catchment demand, I choose , Irrigation Demands Only Method, The input catchment data is as following: Area served percentage of each crop sharing are(total number of crops 5 crops sharing in summer season 100% and another 5 crops in winter), Kc, ET ref, losses

The problem the results estimated zero demands in some catchments and not reliable value for the others.
I afraid from the percentage of sharing area writing form (eg. 7.5% is write direct 7.5 or 0.075), the second the total percentage of area served in winter and summer season, it entered 100% for each season. Is that make a conflict in calculations.
Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Manage the Agriculture demand site   
Posted: 12/29/2016 Viewed: 12712 times
Dear Hanan,

If the unit says "percent", you can write 7.5 instead of 0.075.

In terms of the demand, its possible to have no demand. This happens if there is more rain than water demand (according to the parameters for the characteristics that you listed above). If you believe your climate record is good, then I would suggest altering the parameters for these characteristics to try to increase the demand for the catchment.
Topic "Manage the Agriculture demand site"