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All Topics | Topic "Flow Requirement in WEAP"
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Author Message

Subject: Flow Requirement in WEAP   
Posted: 7/12/2016 Viewed: 13168 times
Dear all,
I would like to know mechanism of flow requirement in WEAP model.
Flow requirement is non-consumptive demand.
In some models, mechanism of flow requirement is following:

Flow-through demand provides an automatic iterative procedure to simulate the non-consumptive demand with priority concern and meanwhile ensure the withdrawn water exactly return to system. This process ensure that water do not loss out of the system for non-consumptive demands as flow requirement.
Are there any different between above process and mechanism of WEAP model?
Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Flow Requirement in WEAP   
Posted: 7/12/2016 Viewed: 13160 times
Dear Linh,

A flow requirement is a political constraint that says that a certain amount of water has to be in the river at the point of the flow requirement. It is non-consumptive in that the water does not leave from the river at the point of the flow requirement, it is being measured only (I am a little confused by tthe word "withdrawn" in your definition).

More information from the WEAP help menu:

A minimum instream flow requirement (FR), which is entered as data (see Supply and Resources\River\Flow Requirement), specifies a minimum flow required at a point on the river, to meet water quality, fish & wildlife, navigation, recreation, downstream or other requirements. Depending on its priority, a flow requirement will be satisfied either before, after or at the same time as other requirements in the system. (The minimum flow is achieved either by restricting upstream withdrawals from the river or by releasing water from upstream reservoirs.) The flow out of the node equals the flow in from upstream, plus demand site (DS) and treatment plant (TP) return flows that come in at that point.

DownstreamOutflowFR = UpstreamInflowFR + DSReturnFlowDS,FR + TPReturnFlowTP,FR


Subject: Re: Flow Requirement in WEAP   
Posted: 7/12/2016 Viewed: 13123 times
Thanh for your quickly reply and helping. As your definition,the flow requirement (FR) will be consider as the point which is measured only.Thank you again.

Topic "Flow Requirement in WEAP"