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All Topics | Topic "Re: "Catchment" in WEAP"
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Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: "Catchment" in WEAP   
Posted: 10/21/2015 Viewed: 14980 times
Dear Pham,

All the different WEAP catchment methodologies have different data requirements. I would advise you to look through them all. The Rainfall Runoff (simplified coefficient method) is probably the simplest, but you can make your choices based on what data you have available.

In terms of groundwater, WEAP uses a different node to model groundwater. The catchments are more concerned with characterizing the soil types and the water interactions with the existing landcover. So groundwater data should not be a limitation there.

Mr. Pham Quoc

Subject: Re: "Catchment" in WEAP   
Posted: 11/12/2015 Viewed: 14891 times
Thanks so much Stephanie
Do you know how to estimate some kind of parameter if I use Soil Moisture method?
The parameters include: Soil water capacity, deep water capacity,runoff resistant factor, root zone conductivity, deep conductivity, preferred flow direction,z1,z2.
If I just know what kind of soil type and vegetation in my catchment, can I estimate them, or I need more information.
After I estimate them, I will use them to calibrate.

Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: "Catchment" in WEAP   
Posted: 11/13/2015 Viewed: 14882 times
Dear Pham,

I would start by reading up on the soil moisture method in the WEAP help menu - it has a long description of each variable. Go to "Help" at the top ribbon and select the help menu. In the "Contents" view you can find information on the Soil Moisture Method under Calculation Algorithms/Evaporation, Runoff, Infiltration and Irrigation/Soil Moisture Method.

Also note that WEAP has default values for all the variables. If you really don't have ideas for your system, you could always start with those and calibrate from there.
Topic "Re: "Catchment" in WEAP"