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All Topics | Topic "Help in Data Inflows and Outflows"
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Ms. Halana Oliveira Trigueiro

Subject: Help in Data Inflows and Outflows   
Posted: 9/15/2015 Viewed: 16015 times
I've a doubt about Data inflows and outflows.
In topic "Supply and Resources"/"River" you should put average monthly inflow at head of river, but my inflow file is in the unit "cubic meter per second" and WEAP the unit is "CMS". How can i modify this difference?

Thanks for attention.
Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Help in Data Inflows and Outflows   
Posted: 9/16/2015 Viewed: 15969 times
You are in luck because CMS stands for "Cubic Meters per Second." So no conversion needed.

However, I do recommend that if you find times when your unit is different from unit listed in WEAP, that you do one of two things:

1) Make sure you're using the unit system you want: Under the "General" menu in the top ribbon, open "Units" and then you can change your units.

2) Write your conversion within the data entry window. For instance, if my units are in million gallons per day (MGD), but my data is "57 million *imperial* gallons per day (MIGD)", I know that 1 MGD = 0.83 MIGD. I would enter the conversion right into the window: 57 *.83. That way, when I'm reviewing the data, I do have to re-do the conversion to double check it with my original source.
Topic "Help in Data Inflows and Outflows"