(These parameters apply to the Plant Growth Model Method. For the Simplified Coefficient Method, see Simplified Coefficient Method, Climate; for the Soil Moisture Method, see Soil Moisture, Climate; for the MABIA Method, see MABIA Method, Climate)

The Plant Growth Method requires daily climate data for precipitation, minimum and maximum temperature, latitude, minimum and maximum relative humidity (or dew point), wind speed, altitude, solar radiation, and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration.  

Because the Plant Growth Method calculates on a daily timestep, you will need daily data for most climate parameters (which will typically be read from a text file).  However, if you only have monthly data, it can be disaggregated into daily data using several different methods (Interpolate, Repeat, Divide, and Divide with Gaps).  See the section titled "Disaggregating Annual Data to Monthly, or Monthly Data to Daily" under the ReadFromFile function for more information.


The daily precipitation time series can either be read in from a file or entered in manually.

Min Temperature

Minimum daily temperature

Max Temperature

Maximum daily temperature


Latitude of the catchment.  Note: The value for Latitude will be filled in automatically if the catchment was created in Catchment Delineation Mode.

Dew Point

Dew point temperature.  If used, Min and Max Humidity are not used.  The use of this parameter is preferred if available.

Min Humidity

Minimum daily relative humidity.  Leave blank if using Dew Point (recommended).

Max Humidity

Maximum daily relative humidity.  Leave blank if using Dew Point (recommended).


Average daily wind speed.  If blank, will default to 2 m/s.


This is the elevation of the catchment.  This parameter is used in calculating the air pressure.

Solar Radiation

Daily solar radiation.  


Atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide.  This parameter is used in calculating effects of CO2 on stomatal conductance, leaf area, and radiation use efficiency.

See also: Plant Growth Model Calculation Algorithms

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