(These parameters apply to the Simplified Coefficient Method. For the Soil Moisture Method, see Soil Moisture, Climate; for the MABIA Method, see MABIA, Climate; for the Plant Growth Method, see Plant Growth Model Method, Climate.)

Depending on the setting in General: Basic Parameters, the values for precipitation and ETref can either be entered once for each catchment and will apply to all the land use branches within that catchment, or they will be entered separately for each branch within each catchment. This second option might be necessary if there is a large variation in the elevation among different land uses within a catchment. Alternatively, the catchment could be divided into several different catchment nodes according to elevation, so that the climate within each catchment did not vary by land use.


The monthly precipitation time series can either be read in from a file or entered in manually.


The monthly reference evapotranspiration can either be read in from a file or entered in manually.

See also: Simplified Coefficient Method Calculation Algorithm

Entered on: Data View, Branch: Catchments, Category: Climate, Tab: Precipitation, ETreference.