Main Menu

The main menu in WEAP provides access to the most important functions of the program. There are seven sub-menus:

Area Menu

The area menu provides options for creating, opening, saving and managing areas (typically river basins), as well giving access to Area-wide operations such as managing scenarios, setting print options and exiting WEAP.

Click on Manage Areas to see all recent WEAP areas, associated planning periods, date and time of last changes, initials of person who made changes, directory size of the area, and zip status. An accompanying image of each WEAP area is shown in the inset in the lower left. A notes field is also provided. In Manage Areas, a new WEAP area can be created, areas can be opened, renamed, deleted, backed-up, e-mailed, and zipped. To open a previously backed-up WEAP area not listed, click on Restore. The Repair button will check and repair the database files of the highlighted area.

Edit Menu

The edit menu gives access to standard Windows editing operations: cut (Ctrl-X), copy (Ctrl-C), paste (Ctrl-V) and undo (Ctrl-Z). Note that the Undo feature is limited to a single undo operation and only within a given text editing box. WEAP does not currently support undoing of operations that affect data structures, nor does it support multi-level undo.

View Menu

The View menu allows you to switch between the five basic views in the WEAP system. It also lets you show or hide the View Bar, which by default is shown on the left of the screen. If the View Bar is hidden (to make more room on screen), use the View menu to switch views. See the View Bar help topic for a description of each view.

General Menu

The general menu gives access to basic parameters, such as the time horizon and units used for your analysis and the water quality constituents to be modeled. The user also has the option to determine whether or not individual demand branches within a demand site have the same monthly variation.

Schematic View

Various formatting options are available for the Schematic View. The user can set the area boundaries, change the size of the demand nodes and labels, hide all WEAP objects, and choose among a variety of priority views (e.g., demand site priorities, supply preferences).

Tree Menu

The tree menu is used to edit and navigate through the Tree which appears in the Data View. Options on this menu allow you to add, rename, delete, move and organize branches. See "Editing the Tree" for more information. Many of these functions are also available by right-clicking on the Tree.

Favorites Menu

The Favorites menu, which is only displayed when in the Results View, lets you save favorite charts including all settings for the axes, type of chart, and formatting. This feature is similar to the bookmark/favorites features found on popular Internet browsing software. In the Scenario Explorer View, you can group together favorite charts to create overviews of different results. Use the "Save Chart as Favorite" option to bookmark the current highlighted chart. You will be asked to give the favorite a name. Use the "Delete Favorite" option to delete a saved favorite. To switch to a favorite chart, select its name from the favorites menu.

Explorer Menu

The Explorer menu covers all aspects of displaying and formatting the data (inputs) and results (outputs) in the Scenario Explorer View,

Help Menu

The Help menu gives access to the contents, index and search pages of WEAP's help system. You can also press the F1 key at any time to access context-sensitive help appropriate to the screen you are working in.

The Help menu also gives access to the WEAP web site (this requires an Internet connection) and lets you send an email to SEI requesting technical assistance. This feature requires that you have a MAPI compliant email system installed on your PC, such as Microsoft Outlook or Netscape Navigator. An "About" screen gives you contact information should you wish to contact SEI by mail, phone or fax. This screen also gives you system information which can be useful in identifying problems you may encounter while running WEAP. An option labeled "Check on Internet for Updates" automatically checks for newer versions of WEAP over the Internet, and installs them onto your PC. This is the preferred method of updating the software as it requires a much smaller download compared to a full download and re-installation of the system. WEAP will automatically check for a newer version on startup, if there is an active Internet connection at the time.

NB: the versions of WEAP available on the Internet work by default in "evaluation" mode (i.e., with the "Save" feature disabled). For those using this version, the "Register WEAP" option can be used to enter a user name and registration code to fully unlock the software. User names and registration codes are distributed by SEI to licensed users of the system. Visit the WEAP web site for more information on licensing WEAP.