Results View

Once you have entered data for your area, click on the Results View. WEAP can run its monthly simulation and report projections of all aspects of your system, including demand site requirements and coverage, streamflow, instream flow requirement satisfaction, reservoir and groundwater storage, hydropower generation and energy demands, evaporation, transmission and return flow losses, wastewater treatment, pollution loads, and costs. Calculations can be interrupted by pressing the Cancel button.

The Results View is a general purpose reporting tool for reviewing the results of your scenario calculations in either chart or table form, or displayed on your schematic. Monthly or yearly results can be displayed for any time period within the study horizon. The reports are available either as graphs, tables or maps and can be saved as text, graphic or spreadsheet files. You may customize each report by changing: the list of nodes displayed (e.g., demand sites), scenarios, time period, graph type, unit, gridlines, color, or background image. (See Charts, Tables and Maps for more details.) Once you have customized a report, you can save it as a "favorite" for later retrieval. Up to 25 "favorites" can be displayed side by side by grouping them into an "overview". Using favorites and overviews, you can easily assemble a customized set of reports that highlight the key results of your analysis.

In addition to its role as WEAP's main reporting tool, the Results View is also important as the main place where you analyze your intermediate results to ensure that your data, assumptions and models are valid and consistent.

The reports are grouped into three main categories: Demand, Supply and Resources, and Environment.