Expression Builder

The Expression Builder is a general purpose tool that helps you construct WEAP's expressions by dragging and dropping the functions and WEAP Branches into an editing box. To access the wizard, either right-click on the data table or click on the down arrow on the right side of the expression box, and choose Expression Builder from the menu.

The screen of the Expression Builder is divided into two resizable panes. At the top are a set of tabs that are used to access the names of the mathematical, logical and modeling functions built-in to WEAP, as well as to access the names of all branches in WEAP. At the bottom of the screen is an editing box, into which you can directly type to edit an expression, or into which you can add an item from the top pane, either by dragging-and-dropping or by double-clicking on an item. At the right of the editing box is a set of buttons that give quick access to the most common mathematical operators (+, -, *, /, ^, etc.).

A toolbar at the top of the expression builder gives quick access to the most common editing options such as Cut (), Copy (), Paste (), etc. When constructing an expression, you can check whether the expression is valid by clicking on the Verify button. Finally, when you have finished with the expression, click on Finish to put the expression back into the data entry table you came from, or click on Cancel to abandon the edit.

There are two tabbed pages in the Expression Builder:

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