Export Expressions to Excel

Use this option to export to Excel some or all of the data expressions in WEAP. This process will allow you to link your WEAP expressions to Excel values for later import back into WEAP. See Import from Excel for details of importing. In addition, Excel, with its filtering capabilities, provides a convenient way to view your data

There are various options that allow you to control exactly what is exported and to where.

Export to

Choose to export to a new Excel workbook, or a new worksheet in the active workbook. The second option is only available if a workbook is open in Excel.


Choose whether to export only the current branch and all branches below it (e.g., all demand sites), or all branches.


Choose whether to export only the current variable (e.g., Annual Activity Level) or all variables.


You can export just the active scenario, or all scenarios.

Export rows for blank expressions

When this option is unchecked, WEAP will only create rows in Excel where the data expression is not blank. If you are primarily interested in viewing the data you have entered in WEAP, leave this unchecked. However, if you intend to link your expressions to Excel values (in which case the expressions are currently blank) for later import into WEAP, you will want to turn this on. This option works in combination with Export inherited expressions. as explained next.

Export inherited expressions

This option lets you either export all data, or only data that is not inherited (i.e., is explicitly entered) for a given scenario. For example, in Weaping River Basin, the consumption rate for South City is 25%. This value is entered in the Current Accounts, and every scenario inherits this value. Therefore, if you were exporting expressions from the Reference scenario, the expression for \Demand Sites\South City:Consumption would be "25" only if Export inherited expressions was checked. If it was not checked, since the expression is blank in the Reference scenario, the row would be exported only if Export rows for blank expressions was checked. (See Scenario Inheritance for more information.)

Autofilter in Excel

Finally, WEAP can optionally set up Excel's auto-filtering feature, to help you quickly sort through and filter the resulting spreadsheet. If you don't want Excel to auto-filter the resulting spreadsheet, uncheck the Autofilter checkbox.

Once you have set these options, click OK to export to Excel, or Cancel to abort the export operation.

Menu Option: Edit: Export to Excel...