CropLibrary("Crop1", Planting Date1, "Crop2", Planting Date2, ...)


This function is used in conjunction with the MABIA Method for catchment hydrology and crop water requirements.  

The CropLibrary function is used to specify one or more crops (from the Crop Library) and planting dates for catchment branches in the Data View, under Land Use.   Use the Crop Scheduling Wizard to build an expression containing CropLibrary, available in the drop-down menu in the data grid.


CropLibrary("Tomato (Arid Region)", Jan 13)

Crop "Tomato (Arid Region)" is planted on January 13.

CropLibrary("Maize (grain) (Arid Climate)", Jan 10, "Onion (green) (Arid Region)", Sep 25)

Crop "Maize (grain) (Arid Climate)" is planted on January 10, and later in the year on the same land, crop "Onion (green) (Arid Region)" is planted on September 25.