Crop Scheduling Wizard

This screen is used in conjunction with the MABIA Method for catchment hydrology and crop water requirements.  It is accessible via the drop-down menu on the data grid for the Crops variable under Land Use.

Each catchment branch represents a piece of land on which one or more crops is planted each year.  For each branch, use the Crop Scheduling Wizard to specify which crop or crops (from the Crop Library) are planted and the planting date.  (You can also choose one of the crop/planting dates already specified on another branch.  This option is also available on the drop-down menu in the data grid.)  Given the planting date and the crop stage duration, WEAP can determine the end date.  Any days not under cultivation by a crop will automatically use the characteristics of the crop named "Fallow" in the Crop Library.  You do not need to add Fallow in the Crop Scheduling Wizard.

At the top of the wizard, select the number of crops or cuttings per year.  For example, if you had corn followed by winter wheat, you would enter 2; if you had an initial alfalfa crop with two subsequent cuttings, you would enter 3.

Crop or Land Cover

Choose the crop from the crop library.

Crop Season Length

The season length from the Crop Library (the sum of all four crop stages) will be displayed for information.

Typical Planting Month

The typical planting month from the Crop Library will be displayed for information.

Planting Date

Choose the day of the year on which the crop will be planted.  For a subsequent cutting or harvest, typically the Planting Date would be the day after the previous crop's End Date.

End Date

The Planting Date plus the season length determine the last day of the crop, and will be displayed for information.

Multiple crops or cuttings must not overlap dates.  For perennial crops and land covers, choose the first day of the water year as the planting date, and make sure that the end date is the last day of the water year.  If not, edit that crop in the Crop Library so that the stage lengths add up to 365 days.

See also: MABIA Calculation Algorithms

Entered on: Data View, Branch: Catchments, Category: Land Use, Tab: Crops.