Chart, Table and Map Toolbar

The toolbar is used to customize, print and export the charts, tables and maps displayed in WEAP. It consists of the following buttons:

Chart Type selects the type of chart (bar, horizontal bar, line, step, area, area without vertical lines, and pie). Some restrictions apply to the types of charts you can choose. In particular, you can only pick line charts when the X-Axis is time (years or months), and you can only pick area charts when values are summable.  Choosing pie when there are multiple items on the X-Axis will produce multiple pies--one for each X-Axis item (e.g., month or year).

Stack Type is used in area, bar and horizontal bar charts to pick how series are formatted. The options are: side by side, stacked, stacked to 100%, and grouped behind. This last option displays series behind one another in a 3D effect. Note that stacking of charts is only available when it makes sense to stack the variable or dimension. So for example, a variable such as water use rate cannot be stacked, and nor can values from different scenarios.

Change the color palette of the chart.  Choose "Grayscale" for shades of gray--suitable for printing on a black and white printer.

Toggles whether symbols are displayed on line and step charts for each data point.

Toggles whether patterns are displayed instead of solid colors.  Useful when printing in black and white.

Y=0 Toggles whether the Y-Axis value of 0 is displayed.  Turning this off helps magnify variations between values graphed.

3D Toggles whether charts are shown with a 3-dimensional effect. Note that due to software limitations, any charts with negative values cannot currently be shown with 3D effects.

Log Toggles the use of a logarithmic scale on the chart. Note that log scales do not work well if the chart contains negative values.

Grp Group If there are more than 12 items in the results legend, you can click the Grp button to group the smallest items together into "All Others."  For pie charts, this will group all items less than 3% into one pie slice called "All Others."

Gridlines toggles the display of gridlines on a chart.

Show or hide marks (values, names or percentages) for points in the chart.

Rotate X-Axis labels (horizontal, vertical or diagonal).

Export the table to Excel.

CSV Export the table to a comma separated value file, which can be read by Excel or WEAP's ReadFromFile function.  There are options to include the table and column titles, to transpose rows and columns, and to format the file according to the ReadFromFile format.

Print lets you preview a chart and set basic printer options before printing.

Copy charts and maps are copied to the Windows clipboard in metafile format. Images can be pasted into any Windows program that supports image objects.  Tables are copied to the Windows clipboard in tabular format, suitable for pasting into Excel or Word.

Save chart or map as a graphic file (e.g., Acrobat, BMP, JPG, GIF, Google Earth, PNG).  See Export to Google Earth for information about saving as Google Earth format.

Show a movie of the chart, going from the first timestep of the first year to the last timestep of the last year.  This option is only available if the X-axis is not years.

Select Background Image lets you insert a background image behind your chart. You will be prompted to select a JPG, GIF or BMP file, and given the chance to preview the image before selecting it. Several water-related pictures come with WEAP, located in the _Pictures subdirectory. Background image settings are saved along with your other settings when you save a "Favorite" chart, and can then be displayed when you use WEAP's Overview feature.

Clear Background Image removes the background image from the current chart.

Advanced chart options Change any aspect of how the chart is displayed.  Note: these changes cannot be saved in a Favorite.

Legend toggles whether a legend is displayed on the chart. Legends are always displayed in the Results View.

Increase Decimals increases the number of decimal places displayed in a table.

Decrease Decimals decreases the number of decimal places displayed in a table.

Transpose transposes rows and columns in the table.

Choose the font for the table.  

Stat View summary statistics in the last rows and columns of the table: minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation (SD) and root mean square (RMS).

Move forward to the next timestep for the chart or table.  This option is only available if the X-axis is not years.

Move backwards to the previous timestep for the chart or table.  This option is only available if the X-axis is not years.

 # Display results as labels turns on or off the display of results as labels on the map.

Size Display results as varying line widths and node sizes turns on or off the display of results on the map by resizing lines and nodes.

Display chart below map shows or hides the chart in the Map tab.