Tree Overview

The tree is a hierarchical outline used to organize and edit the main data structures in a WEAP analysis. You can edit the tree structure underneath the branches for Demand Sites, Key Assumptions, and Other Assumptions (by right-clicking with the mouse on a tree branch, or by using the Tree menu options), and you also click on the tree to select the data you want to view and edit. (See Editing the Tree for details.) You cannot add or remove schematic nodes (e.g., reservoirs, wastewater treatment plants) by editing the tree; all schematic changes must be done through the Schematic View.

To find a branch in the tree by its name, go to Edit, Find Branch, or hit Control-F.  Partial words are fine, and the search is not case sensitive.  If you give multiple words, WEAP will search for branches that include all words (e.g., butte creek), unless you include OR (e.g., butte OR creek).  To exclude terms precede with a minus (e.g., butte -creek).  Hit F3 (or Edit, Find Again) to repeat the search using the same search text.  If the bottom of the tree is reached without finding a match, WEAP will wrap around to look from the top of the tree.

You can also Bookmark up to 9 branches on the tree so that you can instantly jump to their location.  To set a bookmark, select the branch on the tree and press Shift-Control-#, where # is a number from 1-9.  To jump to a previously bookmarked branch, press Control-#.  You can also access these functions on the main menu (Tree, Bookmarks), which also lets you clear all bookmarks, and copy the current list to the Windows clipboard.

Data in the tree are organized under six major categories, which appear as the top level of branches in the tree: