Sample Data Set

Weaping River Basin is the sample data set that is installed with WEAP. The goal of the data set is to give the user the opportunity to explore some of WEAP's capabilities, and to illustrate the problems and solutions that WEAP can help identify.

The Weaping River Basin is a river basin consisting of rivers, aquifers, reservoirs, demand sites, flow requirements, wastewater treatment facilities and the links among them. The data are compiled for a 11-year (2010-2020) monthly time series. There are four scenarios presented in this data set: Reference, Demand Measures, Supply Measures, and Integrated Measures (a combination of the Demand and Supply scenarios).


Demands increase steadily over time, while the supply infrastructure remains static--no improvements are made that might increase availability of supply. As demands increase and groundwater sources are depleted, there are increasing shortfalls in meeting demand and instream flow requirements. Pollution generation and loads follow demand trend, increasing over time. Identification of problems guides creation of scenarios to alleviate them. The following three scenarios implement measures designed to reduce demand or increase available supply.

Demand Measures

The Demand Measures Scenario slows the increasing rate of the demands by decreasing water use rates in the future. Supply coverage is improved in all areas because the supply requirement is decreased, although still less than 100%. This scenario also slows, but does not halt, the depletion rate of the groundwater. Costs increase due to demand efficiency measures.

Supply Measures

The Supply Measures Scenario consists of building the North Reservoir in 2015. This reservoir allows the storage of surplus surface water from winter and spring, to be made available in the drier summer and fall. Supply coverage is improved due to the increased supply available, although still less than 100%. This scenario slows the depletion of groundwater and allows all flow requirements to be met. Costs increase due to construction of a new reservoir.

Integrated Measures

The Integrated Measures Scenario combines measures from Demand Measures and Supply Measures Scenarios. This scenario decreases demand and provides excellent supply coverage. Combining Demand and Supply Scenarios increases groundwater storage and fulfills all flow requirements. Costs increase due to demand efficiency measures and construction of new reservoir.