To move an existing node in the schematic, merely click and drag the object to its new location. When you move a river node, the river underneath the node will not move with the node. For instructions on moving a river node along with the river underneath, see Moving Multiple Elements at Once below.  Objects cannot be moved if the schematic is Locked.

You may move a node from one river to another. Because reservoirs can exist both on (river reservoir) or off (local reservoir) a river, you may move a river reservoir off of a river, or a local reservoir onto a river.

Moving Multiple Elements at Once

For convenience, there is a way to move more than one object at a time. To select multiple objects, hold down the Alt key as you click and drag on the main schematic to draw a rectangular grouping box around the intended objects. (To create a non-rectangular shape, hold down both the Control and Alt keys when you click.  Thereafter, each click will create a new point of the shape.  Double click to finish it.)  When you release the mouse button, a red box will appear. Click inside this red box and drag to move all objects, including river points. Note: If the red box encompasses any types that are temporarily hidden, they will NOT be moved.  Hit the Escape key to cancel without moving.