Main Schematic

The large area on the right side of the Schematic View shows the Main Schematic. It is here that you will create and edit the schematic. Click and drag a symbol from the WEAP legend on the left and drop it on the main schematic on the right to create a new object. You can also click and drag an object on the main schematic to move it. Right click an object on the main schematic to edit general properties or data, view results, delete, or to move the label. These actions are described in more detail below.

The schematic has scroll bars for moving side to side. You may also hold down the Shift key and click and drag on the schematic to pan. To zoom in, hold down the Ctrl key and click and drag to define a region to zoom in to.  When the mouse cursor is positioned over the schematic, rotating the mouse wheel will zoom in or out (ctrl+mouse wheel will zoom in and out faster).

The schematic also provides you with one-click access to your entire analysis. Right click on any element in the Main Schematic, and choose the data variable to edit under Edit Data, or the result table to view under View Results. In the example at the right, the user is about to edit Water Use Rate data for the demand site Industry North.