Key Assumption Results

Because the values of Key Assumption variables can be displayed in the Results View, these variables can also be used to create new result variables or alternative indicators. For example, you could perform a social cost-benefit analysis by creating indicators such as the social cost of unmet demand (shortages), or the environmental cost of low river flows. The shortage cost key assumption could refer to the unmet demand at one or more demand sites (using the PrevTSValue function), with an increasing cost associated with increasing unmet demands. A complete "triple bottom line" analysis could be done, involving financial, social and environmental costs. You could create a key assumption group for each of these types of costs, with individual cost items under each. (The financial costs Key Assumption Variables would reference the Financial Results variables using PrevTSValue.)

To view the value of Key Assumptions and Other Assumptions variables in the Results View, choose Input Data \ Key Assumptions as the title of the report. Select a branch using the Branch combo box. For multilevel branch structures, all branches underneath the chosen branch will be shown. As with any other report, Key Assumption reports can be saved as Favorites for display in the Scenario Explorer View.