Manage Areas

Use the Manage Areas screen, to create, delete, and organize the data sets ("Areas") on your computer. The Manage Area screen is divided into four panes. The table in the top pane shows the areas installed on your computer, along with various details about each area (planning period, when and by whom it was last changed, directory size, and whether it is currently "zipped"). You may click on the column titles to sort the table by that column.  The title for the currently sorted column will be red.  For example, click on "Area" to order the areas alphabetically; click on "Last Changed" to sort chronologically, with the most recent areas at the bottom; click on "Directory Size" to sort by file size, with the areas occupying the most disk space at the bottom..

The lower three panes display information for the area currently highlighted in the table: the area's Schematic on the left, an overall description of the area in the upper right (which can be edited), and the list of previous versions of the area in the lower right (more on this below).


The toolbar at the top gives access to a variety of options for managing areas:


WEAP saves multiple previous versions of each area, in case you decide you want to go back to an earlier version of your data. (Think of it as a large undo function.) Backup versions of Areas are automatically created every time the area is saved (containing all files in the area directory except for result files). You may also manually create a version from the Main Menu: Area, Save Version, along with a comment describing that version. If results exist, you will be asked if you want to include them in the version.  These previous versions are placed in the _backup folder and named with the area name and the backup date and time. For example, a version of Weaping River Basin from 2.30 PM on March 2, 2009 would be named Weaping River

As versions accumulate, WEAP will selectively and automatically delete some of the previous versions saved, trying to balance the need to keep several previous versions, with the reality of limited hard disk space. WEAP will keep more versions from the recent past, on the theory that you may realize that a recent change you made was a mistake and want to go back to a previous version. Several versions will be preserved from the previous 24 hours, then one per day for the last seven days, then one per week for the last month, then one per month for the last year, then one per year before that. Note: WEAP will never automatically delete a version for which you have given a comment. You may treat these versions as milestones. For example, once you have finished entering and calibrating the Current Accounts for an area, you may create a version with the comment "Current Accounts complete." As another example, suppose you had just finished a study using WEAP and written a paper. You might want to create a milestone version, with the comment "Data set corresponding to March 2013 paper."   When you email or backup an area (see above), you will have the option to include selected versions.

Versions for the highlighted area are displayed in the bottom-right pane, along with the disk space they occupy. The panel has its own toolbar containing five options:

Menu Option: Area: Manage Areas