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All Topics | Topic "Diversion Priority"
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Author Hafatra
Huzefa Haji

Subject: Diversion Priority   
Posted: 12/13/2011 Viewed: 19421 times
Dear All,
I have a system of 3 rivers on which it is proposed to have diversions of different capacities. All 3 diversions will be discharging into a reservoir via a tunnel. The reservoir has an expected yield.

I have set up the model to simulate this arrangement using the Transmission Link with a maximum flow volume. These discharge into the tunnel modeled as a Diversion Link.

However, one major requirement is to have the diversions taking place at different priorities. Therefore, out of the 3 rivers, the 1st priority is to divert water from the southernmost river, thereafter from the next river to the north, and thereafter from the northernmost river.

Any idea how diversions work in WEAP? When having 3 diversions, is the priority of diversion equal across all of them?

Thanks alot!

Behzad Sharif

Subject: Re: Diversion Priority   
Posted: 12/17/2011 Viewed: 19375 times
If you want these diversions transfer water as much as possible (considering their maximum flow volume) you had better to use diversions instead of transmission link. Then you can put a virtual "Flow requirement" on each diversion and define the minimum flow requirements equal to their corresponding diversion maximum flows. Then you can prioritize these flow requirements. There are a couple of other solutions if this doesn't help you. Look forward to hearing from you and the result.
Huzefa Haji

Subject: Re: Diversion Priority   
Posted: 12/19/2011 Viewed: 19370 times
Thank you very much for your reply.

I managed to do it via another method using demand nodes. So I put a demand node with the cumulative of all 3 diversion values as its demand, then used transmission links with specific supply preferences and max diversion capacities. A return flow link with 0% consumption value returns all the water into the reservoir. This has given me the results I wanted.

However, your method is simpler! Will do that next time!

Many thanks!

Topic "Diversion Priority"