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Khaldoon Mourad

Objet: WEAP on Mac   
Affiché: 10/7/2011 Viewed: 21256 times
Can I install WEAP on a mac computer?

Annette Huber-Lee

Objet: Re: WEAP on Mac   
Affiché: 10/10/2011 Viewed: 21229 times
You will need to install software that let's you run a Windows operating system first. I have used Parallels and am able to use WEAP.
Gabrielle String

Objet: Re: WEAP on Mac   
Affiché: 10/11/2011 Viewed: 21222 times

I have installed WEAP on my Mac as well. I used Bootcamp to do it, which for my MacBook Pro was a part of the included software, and can be accessed by searching Applications. Bootcamp goes through the process of partitioning and setting up Windows on your Mac. A disadvantage to Bootcamp is that you have to choose whether you want to operate in either Windows 7 or Lion at startup. With Parallels you can run both at once. My Windows partitioned crashed the first time I installed WEAP on it, but I reinstalled and it has been running just fine. I hope this helps!
Franklin Crump

Objet: Re: WEAP on Mac   
Affiché: 10/11/2011 Viewed: 21214 times
I used VirtualBox, which I downloaded for free - I think that it is pretty similar to parallels. Being a complete computer ignoramus, I had someone else set it up for me, but it's quite easy to use.
Sujet "WEAP on Mac"