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All Topics | Topic "Weap.exe & Trojan??"
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Author Messaggio
Paulina Alfaro

Subject: Weap.exe & Trojan??   
Posted: 3/29/2011 Viewed: 24273 times

I have installed WEAP for two weeks in Windows 7. Since yesterday (March 28th), though, I´m receiving a notice from Avira Anti-virus that one Trojan was found in weap.exe. The Trojan has the name: "TR/Fraud.Gen2". The file weap.exe is send to quarantine and I´m not able to open the program any more.

I tried already to re install the software but I got again the same notification. Is it a false warning? should I ignore it?

Thank you in advance!
Jack Sieber

Subject: Re: Weap.exe & Trojan??   
Posted: 3/29/2011 Viewed: 24272 times
Yes, this is a false warning. I can confirm that the latest version of Avira AntiVir does flag weap.exe as being infected by Trojan TR/Fraud.Gen2 (whereas the March 7, 2011 version did not). However, weap.exe is not infected.

I have scanned my computer, including all the WEAP files, with the latest versions of Norton AntiVirus and Sophos Anti-Virus ( ) and neither program found any virus or Trojan. I checked all the registry keys that this Trojan would have changed ( ) and did not find any evidence of infection. Therefore, I conclude that Avira is incorrect in claiming that weap.exe is infected.

You can tell the Avira software to ignore weap.exe so that you can run WEAP. When it pops up its warning ("Guard: malware found") about weap.exe, click "Details" then right-click on weap.exe in the "Guard" window and choose "Always ignore," then click the "Apply now" button.

I have contacted the company that makes Avira AntiVir and asked them to verify that weap.exe has no infection, and to update their virus signatures so that WEAP will not flagged as a Trojan. I hope they can make this change soon. Until then, you should be able to safely have Avira ignore weap.exe so that you can run WEAP.

Paulina Alfaro

Subject: Re: Weap.exe & Trojan??   
Posted: 3/29/2011 Viewed: 24269 times
Tank you very much for the fast and complete reply. Greetings, Paulina.
Topic "Weap.exe & Trojan??"