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All Topics | Topic "Using data from Excel"
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behzad jamali

Subject: Using data from Excel   
Posted: 1/6/2011 Viewed: 24274 times
I think one of the problems with the WEAP is entering data without copy and paste capability. this is more Annoying when we want to enter data of many rivers or other supplies in weap. It is very useful if the user could copy and paste all data from excel to weap without making CSV or text files.
thank u

Jack Sieber

Subject: Re: Using data from Excel   
Posted: 1/6/2011 Viewed: 24272 times
There is a way to do this. In WEAP's Data View, go to the menu: Edit, Export Expressions to Excel. This will create a new Excel workbook, into which you can paste your data. When you are ready to import these new data into WEAP, go to the WEAP menu: Edit, Import Expressions from Excel.

See http://www.weap21.org/WebHelp/index.html#Excel_Export.htm for more information.

behzad jamali

Subject: Re: Using data from Excel   
Posted: 1/7/2011 Viewed: 24241 times
Thank you Jack
I have the same problem yet. In monthly variations data I must enter the values manually.
for example this is monthly variation of demand data in excel exported file:
MonthlyValues( Jul,10.72, Aug, 10.05, Sep,6.63, Oct,6.421, Nov,6.421, Dec,6.421, Jan, 6.421, Feb,6.421, Mar,6.21, Apr, 9.5, May,14.05, Jun, 10.72 ).
unfortunately I must prepare the data in monthly variation form(like the example) and then copy and paste them to excel exported file or directly to the weap demand data. In other words, my problem is preparing the data in this form.

Jack Sieber

Subject: Re: Using data from Excel   
Posted: 1/7/2011 Viewed: 24240 times
I forgot to mention another, very easy, way to paste time-series data into WEAP from Excel. You can copy an array of numbers from Excel and paste it into the WEAP expression box. WEAP will bring up the Paste Special Wizard to help create a monthly or yearly time series expression from these values. For example, if you have data in Excel for monthly variation, copy this array of 12 numbers and paste it into WEAP, and WEAP will create a MonthlyValues expression using these 12 values. This also works for importing a volume-elevation array into the Volume-Elevation Curve tab for a reservoir.

behzad jamali

Subject: Re: Using data from Excel   
Posted: 1/7/2011 Viewed: 24237 times
That's wonderful Jack :)
I try it and see how it works. I realized that it dose not work with right click and paste, but it works with Cntrl+V !!
thank you for your help.

Topic "Using data from Excel"