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Todos os Temas | Tema "Lake in WEAP"
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Autor Mensagem
laleh Mahmoudian

Assunto: Lake in WEAP   
Enviado: 3/30/2010 Visto: 23558 times
Dear All

How can i model a man made lake that is fulled by diversions of a river in the non-irrigation seasons and is used in irigation seasons?

Jack Sieber

Assunto: Re: Lake in WEAP   
Enviado: 3/30/2010 Visto: 23557 times
Have a diversion coming off the main river, with a reservoir on the diversion. Upstream of the reservior, place a Flow Requirement. Decide how much you want to divert to the reservoir in the non-irrigation season and set that as the value for the flow requirement in those months. Give the Flow Requirement a lower priority than other demands so that it will only divert surplus water.

mohsen mousavi

Assunto: Re: Lake in WEAP   
Enviado: 7/24/2010 Visto: 23209 times
Hi Lale iam mohsen mousavi and i work on a marooon basin and i simulate 5 dams in this system and i woundernig if you can help me with this imean to simulate the grounwater in this system.

best regards
Mehdi Mirzaee

Assunto: Re: Lake in WEAP   
Enviado: 9/10/2010 Visto: 23020 times

Generally you can not make a Lake (sink) in WEAP, but you could make a reservoir. Although, your object is not Lake, we say it in Farsi (Ab gir)... isn't it? And it seems that you are working in a project in North part of Iran?!
It doesn't make any difference that how you fill it. As Jack said, you have to fill it by a diversion. But it's sometimes tricky!! when you run it, you will get it! Just note to priorities of your system.

Mehdi Mirzaee

Assunto: Re: Lake in WEAP   
Enviado: 9/10/2010 Visto: 23019 times

I don't know what do you want to do with Groundwater in Maroon basin, and I do not know that it's a consulting matter or just a research for your thesis and...
Anyway... If you need help, let me know.

Have Fun
Theoneste Uhorakeye

Assunto: Re: Lake in WEAP   
Enviado: 11/6/2012 Visto: 18064 times
Similarly to what Miss Mahmoudian asked, I would like to know how WEAP models the effects of lake level drops to the downstream runoff rivers that flow from the lake.

Mehdi Mirzaee

Assunto: Re: Lake in WEAP   
Enviado: 11/6/2012 Visto: 18058 times
There is no Sink or Lake feature in WEAP, but you can use reservoir. Once you use reservoir feature, you can control and define water level in the lake and flow in downstream just by some simple rule. To define them, you can use expression builder functions (like IF rules or any appropriate things).

Theoneste Uhorakeye

Assunto: Re: Lake in WEAP   
Enviado: 11/6/2012 Visto: 18054 times
Thank you very much, that works well.
Tema "Lake in WEAP"