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Relevant Organizations
Global International Waters Assessment -- The aim of GIWA is to produce a comprehensive and integrated global assessment of international waters, the ecological status of and the causes of environmental problems in 66 water areas in the world, and focus on the key issues and problems facing the aquatic environment in transboundary waters.
Global Water Partnership -- A working partnership among all those involved in water management: government agencies, public institutions, private companies, professional organizations, multilateral development agencies and others committed to the Dublin-Rio principles.
Hydrologic Engineering Center of the US Army Corps of Engineers -- Center of Expertise in Hydrology and Water Resources
US Army Corps of Engineers
International Water Association -- A global network of water professionals, spanning the continuum between research and practice and covering all facets of the water cycle.
International Water Resources Association -- IWRA is committed to the sound management of water resources.
Pacific Institute -- Studies in Development, Environment and security.
Sanitation Connection -- An Environmental Sanitation Network.
Stockholm International Water Institute -- A policy think tank that contributes to international efforts to combat the world's escalating water crisis.
The Water Conservation Union -- A partnership among States, government agencies and a diverse range of non-governmental organizations.
The Water Page -- An independent initiative dedicated to the promotion of sustainable water resources management and use. A particular emphasis is placed on the development, utilisation and protection of water in Africa and other developing regions.
World Bank - Water Resources Management -- This website is the central organizing point for water as a cross-cutting issue throughout the World Bank.
World Commission on Dams -- The WCD was an independent, international, multi-stakeholder process which addressed the controversial issues associated with large dams. It provided a unique opportunity to bring into focus the many assumptions and paradigms that are at the centre of the search to reconcile economic growth, social equity, environmental conservation and political participation in the changing global context. The Commission completed its work with the launch of its final report and disbanded.
World Summit on Sustainable Development - Water Initiative -- The H20 Partnership aims to further the environmental, economic and social importance of oceans, coasts, and islands, and to facilitate the realization of the Montreal commitment by governments to mitigate water pollution and resource degradation from the hilltops to the oceans.
World Water Council -- International Water Policy Think Tank dedicated to strengthening the world water movement for an improved management of the world's water resources.
Worldwatch Institute - Water -- Worldwatch research on water focuses on practical policies to ensure more efficient use and equitable access to water, to minimize international and intersectoral conflict over this vital resource, and to avoid groundwater contamination.

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