WEAP کی ویب سا ئٹ میں خوش آمدید
WEAP کی شروعات کی Stockholm Environment Institute.

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ارکان کی فھرست
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LEAP کے بارے میں پڑھیں: توانائ کی منصوبہ بندی کے لۓ SEI کے سافٹ وئر

Collaborative Support

SEI US offers a range of services to assist you in your use of WEAP, including training, data preparation, collaboration on integrated water planning, and customized WEAP software enhancements.

Training in the Use of WEAP

The WEAP license includes minimal trouble-shooting support. We recommend that WEAP recipients consider training in order to enhance their use of the software. Our training program covers techniques for WEAP usage, guidance on using the system for integrated water planning and techniques for communicating results. The training is offered in Boston or on location and typically is for three days, although it can be tailored to individual needs.

Data Preparation

WEAP requires assembling a database that reflects current patterns of use, supply and hydrology. SEI US can deliver WEAP loaded with a provisional Current Accounts database. This service will accelerate your use of WEAP. The provisional database draws from in-house sources, generically available data and information from the WEAP recipient.

Collaboration on Integrated Water Planning

In addition to providing WEAP, SEI US conducts collaborative projects on water issues. The projects take a systemic approach that includes all critical dimensions of the local problem--use, supply, quality, allocation, institutional frameworks and environmental preservation. The goal generally is an inclusive process that engages relevant stakeholders in reflecting on alternative plans of action and policy implications.

Visioning is a particularly useful technique when the problem is complex, when dominant trends are part of the problem and when the time horizon is long enough for deliberate choice. The process builds awareness by widening the scope of possibilities beyond what is inherent in present trends. A visioning process is usually divided into three steps: understanding the problem, outlining future images, and elaborating scenarios. WEAP is used to support the process of envisioning and evaluating alternative futures.

Software Customization

SEI US can customize the WEAP software to accommodate the particular needs of your project.

براۓمھربانی ھمارے ساتھ رابطٰہ کریں for more information on these services.

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