Script Editor

The script editor is used to edit, interactively debug and run scripts that automate WEAP and connect it with other Windows programs using standard "COM Automation Server" programming techniques.  The script editor uses Microsoft's Windows Script technology, which directly supports scripts written in VBScript and JScript (JavaScript).  VBScript and JScript come with Windows and are always available, whereas other scripting languages, such Perl, Python, Ruby and PHP, must be installed by you on your computer before you can use them in WEAP.

The script editor is divided into three panes.  

The editor has standard editing functions: Undo (Ctrl-Z), Redo (Ctrl-Y), Find (Ctrl-F), and Find Next (F3).

The script "timeout" is the maximum time a script can run before WEAP asks if you want to stop it.  The timeout is useful in cases either of an infinite loop in the script or where the script is taking much longer than expected.  The default timeout is 30 seconds and can be changed in the toolbar.  This timeout applies to all scripts in the current area.  (Each area can have a different timeout value.)

Some other web-based resources you may find useful:

Windows Script Information
VBScript tutorial

VBScript reference guide

JScript reference guide

Free versions of Python, Perl, PHP and Ruby

Menu option: Advanced, Scripting, Edit Scripts
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